The Trick Brothers – Skiing Odyssey

The Trick Brothers juggling duo has been a mainstay of the Czech contemporary circus scene for over a decade and its members, Václav Jelínek and Adam Jarchovský, are two of the most prominent circus artists in the Czech Republic. The duo is regularly featured at all major festivals and street-theater and contemporary-circus events. The Trick Brothers keep surprising their audience with relentless creativity and innovation.

Length 45 min Who is it suitable for? 6-99+


Michaea Holbíková
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Telephone number +420 737 877 865

About The Trick Brothers

Two cross-country skiers lost in the map and the season of the year, side by side yet in the same track, embark upon the Skiing Odyssey – a journey of blunders with an uncertain course and end. It‛s time to swish your poles around, klister your mustache, warm up with a shot of tea and we‛re ready to hit the corduroy! The Skiing Odyssey draws on the many years of the duo‛s street-theater experience. Their strengths include self-irony, juggling, moderate acrobatics and kind humor. As the Germans say, “Langläufer leben länger” or “cross-country skiers live longer” and laughing is known to have the same effect. Therefore, enjoy the elixir of immortality that this show offers.

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Cross-country skiers: Adam Jarchovský, Václav Jelínek
Supervision: Tomsa Legierski
Costumes: Jarmila Enochová
Producer: Michaela Holbíková, ART Prometheus


“Forget the Chuckle Brothers, think more Sacha Baron Cohen for a family audience. The show is an absolute delight. In the piece, a pair (later a trio) of clownish characters muck around with ski equipment in a brilliant slapstick performance that is reminiscent of Cohen’s Borat at his physically comic best.” – Mark Brown, The Sunday Herald

Cross Country Skiing Odyssey