MansterVille – Propane Punk Circus

MansterVille is an interactive amusement park including a music stage and a multifunctional geodesic dome. Our work is site- and/or event-specific, so we work with artists of different skills. The planned project builds on the performance Ex Rotam, which features clown acts, live music, trapeze acrobatics and a final fire show with pyrotechnic effects.
The performance follows a simple story which unfolds around a gradually assembled giant MansterWheel. First, there is just one cage where an acrobat moves freely. The other cage is replaced by an acrobatic trapeze. Story segments alternate with acrobatic and fire-dance interludes accompanied by live music by a perfect line-up of drummers and Djs.

Length approx. 45 min Who is it suitable for? 6+


Linda Lomozová
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Telephone number +420 731 600 356

About MansterVille

MansterVille is a fiery propane-punk theme park.
It is an interactive gallery and at the same time, an environment for artistic production of almost any kind. Its author is Vojta Štulc. We are not a typical performance company but a well-coordinated team that creates a unique background for cooperation with performers, lecturers and other creators.

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Creative team:

Ex Rotam concept
Author: Vojta Štulc
Choreography: kolektiv
Light design: Vojta Štulc, Jakub Plecitý
Sound: Petr Rachman, Robert Taschner
Artists: Vojta Štulc, Jiří Jelínek, Miroslav Zach, Jan Lacina, Filip Šebšajevič, Jaroslav Kotil & další
Production: Linda Lomozová
Photo: Jan hromádko

What we need

We need skilled acrobats who can bring the rotating trapeze number to a higher level.

Propane Punk Circus