Holektiv – Crows

They live next to people’s home the same way they occupy their secluded forest territories. Their color, hunched posture and fondness for carcasses have made them a symbol of death. However, they also symbolize the birth of a new life. Crows are bearers of dreams and secrets. Crows are also a physical performance accompanied by live music which takes place on a single object.
The Crows performance was created in 2020 with the intent to produce a show in a non-theatrical environment. The Czech Museum of Music was chosen as its original location. However, Crows can also be performed in the open air.

Length 45 min Who is it suitable for? 10+


Andrea Vykysalá / Sára Pospíšilová
Email address mail@holektiv.cz / andrea.vykysala@gmail.com
Telephone number Andrea + 720 423 778 / Sára + 724 006 503

About Holektiv

The Holektiv company was founded in 2015 when Andrea Vykysalá, Eva Stará and Karolína Křížková decided they wanted to work together. Thus, a purely female ensemble emerged on the Czech cultural scene. Since then, they have created a unique style with poetry-like esthetics.

Web company: www.holektiv.cz

Creative team

Concept and performed by: Andrea Vykysalá, Karolína Křížková
Supervision: Eliška Brtnická
Object and set design: Studio Herrmann & Coufal
Music: Terezie Vodička Kovalová
Costumes: Michaela Čapková
Lights and sound: Niels Doucet
Production and PR: Andrea Vykysalá, Sára Pospíšilová
Supported by: Czech Ministry of Culture, Prague City Hall, HAMU, Czech Culture Fund, Cirqueon, Jatka78, and KD Mlejn