Eliška Brtnická – Fish Eye

I fall apart and reassemble, I keep changing form. I’m searching for what I am, what is shaping me and what keeps changing my structure. I float and sometimes, I get attached to glass.
Pressure turns into a wave, motion into images, impacts into sounds, water surface into flickering flashes.
A blend of dance, installation art, fashion and aerial acrobatics with a live accompaniment of ultrasound dolphin frequencies.

Length 40 min Who is it suitable for? bez omezení


Eva Roškaňuková
Email address eva.roskanukova@gmail.com
Telephone number +420 731 416 427

About Eliška Brtnická

I graduated in non-verbal theater at HAMU in Prague where I later earned a PhD with a project on aerial choreography. I passed a one-year course in circus dramaturgy organized by the CNAC and ESAC circus schools. I tend towards performances driven by a visual concept, as well as site-specific and documentary stage productions.

Web company: eliskabrtnicka.com

Creative team

Concept, performer: Eliška Brtnická
Sound design, performer: Stanislav Abrahám
Light design, technics: Vlado Veleta, Prokop Vondruška
Costume cooperation: Petra Vlachynská
Production: Eva Roškaňuková

What I need

A space with a strong sheet of glass/window for artistic residency (with the possibility to perform a work in progress).

Fish Eye