Cirkus TeTy – Peeping Janes

Peeping Janes is the second of three performances commemorating the 10th anniversary of Cirkus TeTy and takes up the theme of the contrast between idealized expectations and the reality. In our experimental approach to the subject of maternity, the stage is occupied by maternity’s most fundamental impulses: mothers, non-mothers and children. The show lives in the borderland of contemporary circus, dance, and physical theater, and features aerial acrobatics using a suspended rope tunnel.

Length 45-60 min Who is it suitable for? 12+


Jana Ada Kubíčková
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Telephone number +420 776 203 313

About Cirkus TeTy

Cirkus TeTy is a small independent company from Prague founded in 2011 which focuses on aerial acrobatics and discovering new materials and shapes for the discipline. In 2021, TeTy will present their sixth premiere: Voyeky/Peeping Janes which they have co-created with invited performers from across the Czech independent contemporary-circus scene.

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Creative team

Director and artistic supervisor: Martina Hajdyla Lacová
Movement laboratories: Markéta Vacovská, Cécile da Costa, Eliška Brtnická
Acrobatics supervisor: Stéphanie N’Duhirahe
Performers: Jiřina Jonáková, Kateřina Klusáková, Kateřina Petrlíková, Klára Hajdinová, Michaela Stará, Pavla Rožníčková, Stéphanie N’Duhirahe, Veronika Smolková, Auro, Borek, Dorka, Lío, Nela, Róza and Sára
Scene and Costume design: Lucia Škandíková
Music: Ivo Sedláček
Light design: Karlos Šimek
Produced by: Jana Ada Kubíčková, Pavla Rožníčková
Supported by: CIRQUEON, KD Mlejn, Prague Municipal Authority, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Czech Culture Fund

Peeping Janes