Cirk La Putyka – Kaleidoscope

Insane jumps on a giant teeter board, group dance numbers, aerial acrobatics as well as flights on the trampoline. A flurry of gags and tricks, pumping music and laughter, hypnotic images contrasting with a summer party in the open air. Traditions meet modernity, seasoned La Putyka members mingle with fresh circus blood. A total of eight acrobats, actors and dancers shine throughout the show like pieces of glass in a kaleidoscope. Stop thinking. Open your eyes, lend us your ears and plunge into a flashy collage of art and joy.

Length 50 min Who is it suitable for? 4+


David Ostružár, produkce
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Telephone number +420 774 806 154

About Cirk La Putyka

Since 2008 the originally small group of enthusiasts who wanted to create a single performance has grown into a grouping of almost one hundred actors, dancers, acrobats, musicians, producers, technicians, doctors, make-up artists and other professionals.
Following the unexpected success of the debut show La Putyka the brothers Rosťa and Vítek Novák founded Cirk La Putyka. Since then as the groups’ artistic director and managing director respectively, the two brothers have been defining the direction and speed of travel of our theater and contemporary circus wagon.
Over the first ten years of our existence, we have created more than 20 projects, cooperated with more than 300 people of 25 nationalities, given more than 1,500 performances and visited more than 21 countries.

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Creative team

Directed by: Maksim Komaro
Assistant director: Daniel Komarov
Stage design: Pavla Kamanová
Music: Jan Balcar
Costumes and makeup: Kristina Záveská
Technical cooperation: Oldřich Procházka, Daniel Hajtl, Prokop Štěpánek
Light design: Jan Mlčoch
Hair: Jan Balcařík, Lenka Habartová
Photo: Jiří Šeda
Video: Jakub Jelen
Graphic design: Martin Sršeň (Vosa)
Production: David Ostružár
Produced by: Cirk La Putyka
Aerial hoop choreogtaphy: Ilona Jäntti

Reviews/Awards of the company

Theater of the Year (2020)
Czech Lion – TV Naživo (2020, together with Jatka78 and Heaven’s Gate, exceptional audiovisual achievement)
Bez Granic Festival Award (2019)
The Young for Young Festival Audience Award (2011, 2012, 2018)
Thálie Award Nomination (2017)
Czech Theater DNA Award (2017)
Czech Dance Platform Award (2017)
Divadelní Noviny Award (2017)
Skupova Plzeň Festival Award (2012)
Total Theatre Awards Nomination, Edinburgh (2011)
Theater Production of the Year (2010)
Sazka and Divadelní Noviny Award (2009)
Alfréd Radok Prize Nomination (2009)
Next Wave Festival Award