Blackout paradox – Shamaniac

“Who looks outside, dreams; Who looks inside, awakes.”

‑ Carl Gustav Jung

Blackout paradox invites you beyond the human world as you know it. Through dance, dreaming, passion and struggle, the shaman’s soul sets out towards self-discovery and personal experience beyond the ordinary reality. Dance, acrobatics and fire dance loosely inspired by shamanism, mysticism and rituals.
Epic costumes, masks and unusual fire props combined with sophisticated choreography create a unique visual experience.

Length 30 min Who is it suitable for? For all audience


Linda Lomozová
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Telephone number +420 731 600 356

About Blackout Paradox

The company was founded by multi-talented artists in 2017 and focuses on street arts and flow arts with elements of physical theater, dance, and acrobatics.

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Creative team

Concept: Michael Bartizal and Michaela Hradecká
Director: Michaela Hradecká
Scene design and costumes: Michael Bartizal
Choreography: Shamaniac
Performers: Michael Bartizal, Michaela Hradecká, Viktor Artner, Jiří Badal, Zuzana Dovalová, Petr Novák, Richard Vít, Timur Aidarbekov
Light design: Jiří Šmirk