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In an urge to connect with the environment, the two quirky & colorful individuals show the difficulty of learning to work together by trying to find the balance between the two extremes of social connection: the online and the offline presence.
They drag their wonky kart everywhere they go, bringing life to any street corner, through a complex mashup of skills and live beats to generate positive energy.
The show includes partner acrobatics, live music & comedy to create a spectacle that makes weirdness oddly normal.

Length 30 min Who is it suitable for? 4+


Aleš Hrdlička
Email address
Telephone number +420 773 676 735

About Balancealots

Balancealots are a contemporary circus company of two emerging artists: Hannah Lennox and Aleš Hrdlička who graduated from Codarts Circus Arts in 2020. The Scottish-Czech duo is fresh, colorful and eager to connect with the audience through hand balancing and juggling whilst making statements by simply being.

Web company:

Creative team

Artistic coach: Joris De Jong
Co-production: Circusstad Festival Rotterdam
Set: Jan Smrkovský
Supported by: Gemeente Rotterdam, Fonds Podiumkunsten, KD Foundation

Special thanks: Lucho Smit, Cirqueon, Werkplaats Diepenheim, Circusstad team, Botovna, Lena Hermann, Borre, Alessio Sev Motta, Børre Isac L’orange
Photos by: Manon Verplancke

What we need

We are looking for a partner who would help us finance the project and space for a residency, so that we can further develop the project into a full-length performance.

Link the click