Alžběta Tichá – Stav

We are all constantly changing…
The STAV solo performance is a metaphor of a woman’s life path. Time is running and she is changing at every moment. Who was she in the beginning and who is she now? What comes next?
The constant yet unconscious metamorphosis of the physical and mental state is visualized and communicated through the movement of the acrobat.
The story serves as an inspiration to gain awareness of the transformations we undergo in life.

Length 18 min Who is it suitable for? 6+


Alžběta Tichá
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Telephone number +420 777 357 207

About Alžběta Tichá

Alžběta is a Czech circus performer. She stared as a dancer at the Duncan Center dance conservatory in Prague. Afterwards, she graduated in aerial acrobatics from Codarts-University of Arts in Netherlands in 2020. Nowadays, Bětka’s interest lies in a conceptual research of aerial acrobatics.

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Creative team

Performer: Alžběta Tichá
Concept: Alžběta Tichá
Collaboration: Cécile da Costa, Ondřej Holba
Music: Jakub Štourač
Light design: Vojta Brtnický
Partners : Codarts – University of the Arts, KD Mlejn, Cirqueon
Supported by: Zero Point festival

What I need

At this moment, this project is nearly completed. For this performance, I am looking for a co-production. I am still working on the stage design and dramaturgy and I am seeking financial support. I would be really happy If i could find some production support/help as well.